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Menagerie Crossing

Animal Crossing: New Leaf town blog/journal!

I have been a fan of Animal Crossing since Population Growing came out around 4th-5th grade. But each game since then I have only borrowed, really. (Played WW on a borrowed DS, and breifly borrowed CF.)

I am excited for New Leaf because it's my first new Animal Crossing game in a long time!

Da Blog

My town's name is Sandiego...Established June 9th, 2013. My starting neighbors are Skye, Agent S, Anchovy, Sheldon, and Lobo. I now also have Timbra (June 11th), Marshal (June 13th), and Paula (June 15th).

Our town fruit is the cherry! Our native island fruits are the lemon and banana! And, our town ordinance is Beautiful!

How could I say no?? Lobo is such a trend setter.

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