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Animal Crossing: New Leaf town blog/journal!

I have been a fan of Animal Crossing since Population Growing came out around 4th-5th grade. But each game since then I have only borrowed, really. (Played WW on a borrowed DS, and breifly borrowed CF.)

I am excited for New Leaf because it's my first new Animal Crossing game in a long time!

Da Blog

My town's name is Sandiego...Established June 9th, 2013. My starting neighbors are Skye, Agent S, Anchovy, Sheldon, and Lobo. I now also have Timbra (June 11th), Marshal (June 13th), and Paula (June 15th).

Our town fruit is the cherry! Our native island fruits are the lemon and banana! And, our town ordinance is Beautiful!


Hey all y’allz Animal Crossers, I figured out the chords to one of Kapp’n’s shanties (the heading to the island one) and thought I’d post the chords for anyone who is interested. No need to post the lyrics, as they change every time!

So it goes:
A Dbm
D B7 E

A Gbm
A Gbm
D B7 E

A Dbm B
Bm7 E7

I just want to say thank you for this, I feel like I’ve had a wish granted! Very lovely video, thank you :)

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From : (ノ)ω(ヾ)

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Reese by Dufy.

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Yesterday was another exciting one. While I had already qualified for another house expansion, I decided to wait an extra day in order to get a pink wall! I think it goes well with the mermaid fence, I just hope Tom displays his mermaid roof and mailbox again, I was really bummed that I didn’t have a chance to buy them when he had them.

I also caught a couple bees! That’s always a big deal for me cause I was never able to do it as a kid on Gamecube.

Agent S requested a police station in classic Agent S style… I am debating whether I should dive right into it, save up and wait for the museum second story project to become available.

Had the ceremony for the cobblestone bridge! I was happy there was a turn out, especially that my two wolfies showed up! I then ordered a yellow bridge and paid for it on the spot, hahaha

I got my first “lost item” mini quest. I asked Skye and Marshal, and then Paula was the third person I asked and it ended up being hers. I dislike Paula now because of reasons I could not take pictures of, but basically she was being a jerk to Marmar xc

Had my first night time trip to the island (even though this screen shot is from earlier in the day— the shampoo compliment really made me smile though!) and I caught several new beetles and sharks for the museum.

And last but certainly not least, I found a sloppy dresser!! The sloppy/messy series is one that I dearly hope to complete (really driven home by the fact that most of Marshal’s house is messy ;3 )

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Agent S you traitor our native tree is the cherry!

Agent S you traitor our native tree is the cherry!

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reblog if you post only animal crossing.

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Time lapse of Marshal being conflicted because dating the mayor is so scandalous ( ಠ◡ಠ ) Huehuehueeh…

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Anchovy, just… no.

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I need some of your swagger Marshal. All part of your package… Gosh you’re such a hipster, I love you! Also I love when people recommend music and books that they are excited about so this was legit really cute and sweet to me

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How could I say no?? Lobo is such a trend setter.

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